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How Pilum Defense Keeps Communities Safe

In a book titled Rural Crime and Community Safety the author, Vania Ceccato, dissects the perception that crime is more of an urban issue than a rural one. The author introduces their book by stating that it, “explores the relationship between crime and community in rural areas and addresses the notion of safety as part of the community dynamics in such areas.” The book itself contributes in a significant way to the science of crime and it integrates a wide number of theories to create a better understanding of patterns of crime and the perceived safety which communities feel in rural contexts. The author conducted a tremendous amount of original research to compile their book and they used spatial methods along with qualitative analysis. This was with the purpose of examining, “farm and wildlife crime, youth related crimes and gendered violence in rural settings”. Ultimately the book creates a bridge between criminology and human geography by connecting both fields through its research. 

Pilum Defense is a total protection and investigation firm which well understands the realities of crime in both urban and rural settings. Their team is composed of veterans and ex-law enforcement personnel who are well equipped to take on security and investigation tasks. This is thanks to their years of experience and their particular skill set which has been honed on the job and in the field. Pilum keeps communities safe by leveraging their skillset and their experience to conduct security and investigation work of the highest caliber.

Pilum Defense and Community Safety 

The team at Pilum Defense have served both their countries and their communities with a combination of integrity, honor and valor. This puts them at a unique advantage to best serve their clients and their communities from the perspective of private security and investigation. As they have already served before, they can continue to do so but in a new capacity. Additionally, many of the team members at Pilum have received a number of medals and other awards. These recognitions of excellent service are a testament to the quality of their team members and the quality of the protection which they provide. 

Pilum prides itself on holding integrity, honor and valor as their core values and as a result they have built their brand around these values. The company was established to bring these values to the sector of private security and investigation and to live these values as they serve their clients. On top of this, the decorated veterans and law enforcement team members bring skills which are irreplaceable to the field. These skills allow Pilum to manage complex and dynamic situations which may arise in the course of their work. As security can be a machine with many moving parts there is always the possibility for something unforeseen to occur. The experience of military service and law enforcement provides Pilum’s team members with the ability to be adaptable in these circumstances and respond effectively and appropriately. This level of response helps to ensure that both communities and clients are kept safe. 

The firm has been able to grow itself from a relatively small team to what it is today. The current team at the firm has protected multiple A List individuals which include CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. In 2013, Pilum was founded by Micheal Mancha and Stephen Barela in Denver, Colorado. Since then the firm has grown exponentially and has helped clients in both the private and the public sector. This help came in the form of a number of services which the firm provides. As mentioned they specialize in security and investigation but they also work in the areas of protection and firearms training. Both protection and firearm safety help to keep communities safe. When firearm purchasing rates increased Pilum worked to provide more firearm safety training to ensure that no firearm was used in a negligent manner. This helped to protect community members as they were aware of the correct manner to deal with a firearm. 

Final Thoughts 

Pilum Defense uses the wealth of tools at their disposal to keep both the public and private individuals safe. This is achieved through the use of team members which are exclusively veterans and law enforcement personnel. This unique edge and skillset has allowed Pilum to grow tremendously since its inception and protect a number of important and influential individuals. In addition to their protection of individual persons Pilum also works to keep communities safe. This is achieved through the realization of their three key values and the high quality of investigation, protection, security and firearm safety training which they provide. Each of these services functions in their own way to ensure that members of communities in which Pilum operates are kept safe, secure and protected.  

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