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Are you experiencing a smartphone that keeps on hanging and doesn’t work even after a long buffering time? Here's how you can fix it.

How to fix a hanging Smartphone easily without much effort

Are you experiencing a smartphone that keeps on hanging and doesn’t work even after a long buffering time? It is known as the most common issue that a mobile user faces once in a while. A phone has to be well- performing like any other digital device especially when it is the closest gadget to a human in this digital age. In fact, during the day it is almost impossible to stay productive without your phone properly functioning. However, it is not the end; smartphones aren’t meant to be finished over small things like that. 

The main Reasons of Smartphone hanging

There can be various excuses for mobile hanging or freezing. The few collective ones include the small storage, insufficient RAM and terminated software, etc.

Although it can be bothersome getting into the developing part and solving the bugs it is not a long process for example, the minimum RAM required for flawless performance is 6GB and more than that will be a bonus. The next thing is a shortage of storage. It can’t be stressed enough on this part. The phone is alive and well functioning based on the RAM and Storage of any digital device. Therefore, the space should be as much as you could take. The sudden phone buffering or hanging can lead the user to panic but the first thing to do is to restart the phone again or troubleshoot it. 

Solutions you should follow

Due to social media usage, tons of apps are installed on our phones. Surprisingly, they all take memory and storage eventually causing the phone to buffer. Just like depending on the hardware side, the tons of applications running together will surely cause errors because of the hardware getting overheated. Exclude all the apps that are not in use by uninstalling or stopping them. Keep a record of what are the apps that take up too much space. 

All other advice seems to work well but in this vast world, one cannot forget about the sudden threats and glitches malware causes. Most of them come from local websites or advertisements that suddenly open 10- plus ads at once. In this scenario installing the antivirus would be the right choice. It will protect your data from every negative influence that may cause trouble.

The thing that can’t be eliminated while talking about hanging is the software. Though the hardware requires proper care software has to be checked once in a while. To make it free from the hanging, keep on updating the software of the company. The firms that craft the mobiles upgrade every other day to repair the bugs that can be found in the software. To finalize it, the key role is to let the phone stay cool. As a person due to overheating can burst into anger, similarly computers or mobile phones are made of the same nature. It can go strange in extreme weather, whether being hot or too cold. Take it away from exposure to direct sunlight.


The solution to every problem depends on the intensity. If it has a little to the beginning stage issue, there won’t be any limitations. Even after trying everything it has lost all meaning then it’s time to change your phone for that the latest honor 90 would be an exceptional selection.  It comes with the OS of MagicOS 7.1 and 8 to 16GB RAM along with the chipset of Qualcomm 7 Gen Accelerated version that basically assures a smooth performance. It is better than exploring ways to fix a thing that ends its process already. If the execution shows no improvement at all, the phone has given up. 

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