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Facebook has lots of fun options. Check out some creative ways to design your Facebook post.

5 Creative Ways to Design Your Facebook Post

Keeping up a Facebook page can get tiring after a point. You need to keep your audience excited and engaged by posting fresh content regularly. But what do you do when you run out of ideas? Or what if your posts aren’t getting as much engagement as you would like?

To solve all such problems, we are here to provide you with 5 creative ways in which you can design your Facebook posts to increase engagement on your posts. These are simple tips and tricks to attract more people to your page.

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Now let us move on to discussing 5 ways in which you can design Facebook posts and attract more people to your page.

  1. Uniform Templates

By uniform, we don’t mean the same. Use a similar colour scheme, inspired by your logo and brand colours to create templates for your posts. By maintaining some sense of uniformity, you create a brand identity on social media platforms. 

This helps your audience to identify your posts at first glance. That way, you can stand out on your followers’ feed and attract more attention. Additionally, it also simplifies the process of creating templates for each individual post.

Just create a few templates for specific types of posts and use them! For example, you can have one type of template for an event-related post, another for an informational post, etc. This gives your audience a sense of what your post is about before they have even seen it properly.

  1. Create Posts That Are Unrelated to Your Business

Facebook users are often overwhelmed with the sheer amount of advertisements that they see on their feed. This leads them to pay less attention to such ads and product promotions. To avoid this, you must post about things that are unrelated to your business or products.

For example, you could just ask your followers how their day has been going. Or share something that happened with you. Keep it simple and conversational. This encourages people to comment on your posts.

One of the best ways to attract the attention of your followers is by posting interesting and inspirational stories about your business, brand, and the people behind it. Not only does this improve audience engagement, but it also adds a persona to your brand.

Introduce your audience to the people behind the brand. By humanizing your brand, people gain trust in you and this creates a bond between you and your followers.

  1. Add Text to Your Pictures

Transform a simple picture into an inspirational quote, question and answer session with your followers, jokes, and much more. By doing so, you are also creating posts that your followers can share with their followers which will increase your audience.

You can use this method to participate in trends and even start trends of your own. Ask your audience weird and unique questions. Share your favourite quotes. You can even create your very own memes.

The better you balance business with posts that are more personal and humanizing, the more people will want to engage with your brand. Perhaps you could share promo codes and coupon numbers in this way too!

Due to this, people will pay more attention to your posts and be excited when you do post about such offers. This will help you to increase the demand for your products too.

  1. Post Product Creation Videos

Giving your customers a peek behind the curtain while your products are made will add transparency to your brand. This will encourage them to trust you and invest in your products.

Additionally, you could also create “satisfactory videos” with your products. There is a huge market for such videos as they are known to help people calm down and go to sleep. It also keeps your products on their minds for a long time.

People love to go behind-the-scenes on the creation of their favourite products. It will be quite interesting for your audience to see the whole process of how you make your products.

  1. Publicize Your Blogs

If you have a blog that is associated with your brand, you must use Facebook to promote it. Not only does this provide you with ideas on what to post, but it also increases the traffic for your blogs.

Add interesting lines from your blog to a post on Facebook, and then attach the blog to the post. This way, people will be interested to read more about what you are saying in your blogs since a single line will raise their curiosity.

Blogs that are educational, informative, and provide steps on how to achieve a certain goal would work the best for such posts. Furthermore, if your blog is on your brand website, you are directly leading traffic to buy your products.

Posting new content in different ways will keep your audience interested in you and your brand. It can also help you to find new customers via non-conventional posts. So be creative while designing your Facebook posts to gain wider reach of your brand on social media!

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