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Experts highlighted Funded Next Scaling Plan packages

In a recent Funded Next review, it was revealed that the prop firm provides a scaling plan to existing traders, enabling them to increase the size of their funded accounts by up to 40% based on their trading consistency and performance. However, to be eligible for the Funded Next Scaling plan, traders must meet specific criteria, including having a funded account with Funded Next, achieving a 10% growth in their account for four consecutive months, and making a minimum of two payouts during that period. Read the article prepared by Traders Union experts to find out how to be eligible for the Funded Next Scaling Plan.

Understanding the Funded Next Scaling Plan

The Funded Next Scaling plan empowers traders to expand the size of their funded accounts through consistent effort and strong performance. To qualify for scaling, TU experts recommend traders to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Traders must possess a funded account with Funded Next.
  2. Traders with a funded account must achieve at least 10% growth in their account for four consecutive months.
  3. Traders must make at least two payouts within the same four-month period.
  4. The final month must conclude with a profit, in addition to meeting the other criteria.

Traders who satisfy these criteria and are deemed eligible for the scaling plan will enjoy a 40% increase in their account balance, with a maximum limit set at 4 million. Traders Union analysts conclude that this scaling plan aims to reward consistently profitable traders by providing them with greater limits and exposure.

Funded Next Scaling Plan Packages

Funded Next offers a range of funded trading account packages that cater to various trader needs. Analysts at TU have overviewed the following packages:

  1. Funded Next Starter: The Starter package commences with a $10,000 account and offers a scaling limit of up to $14,000. Traders can expect an 80% payout ratio, and the profit target for this package is 10%.
  2. Funded Next Pro: The Pro package starts with a $25,000 account and provides a 40% scaling opportunity, allowing traders to reach up to $35,000. The payout ratio for this package is 85%, and the profit target is set at 15%.
  3. Funded Next Elite: With the Elite package, traders begin with a $50,000 funded account and can scale up to $70,000, enjoying a 40% increase. This package offers a high payout ratio of around 90%, with a profit target of 20%.

Traders Union experts argue that considering factors such as the profit target, scaling limit, and account size is crucial to determining eligibility and suitability for the Funded Next Scaling Plan.

Illustration of a Funded Next Scaling Plan Example

To better understand the Funded Next Scaling Plan, TU analysts team suggests considering the following scenario:

  1. The trader begins with a $15,000 challenge account and generates a profit of $1,500 (10%).
  2. Subsequently, the trader is granted a funded account with a balance of $15,000.
  3. Continuing their trading activities, the trader earns a profit of $15,000 (10%).
  4. As a result, the trader’s account is scaled up to $30,000.
  5. The trader persists in trading and achieves a profit of $30,000 (10%).
  6. Consequently, the trader’s account is further scaled up to $50,000.
  7. Continuing their successful trading journey, the trader manages to generate a profit of $50,000 (10%).
  8. As a reward for their consistent profitability, the trader’s account is scaled up to $100,000.

By following this progression, traders can take advantage of the Funded Next Scaling Plan to expand their funded accounts and unlock greater trading opportunities.


Traders can raise the account limit on their accounts by using a package known as a scaling plan that guarantees regular transactions and earnings. The account balances of all traders who meet the aforementioned requirements and are qualified for the scaling plan will increase by 40%, up to a maximum of $400,000 per trader. Thus, with the scaling plan consistently profitable traders can get rewarded with increased limits and exposure.

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