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Elevate Your Sales Efficiency with eSign API Solutions

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that communicates between programs. This technology makes it possible for organizations to collect signatures quickly and easily.

Given this software’s value to businesses, the e-signature API pricing is affordable. You can do a test run on multiple documents. So yes, business documentation is far more advanced with tools like an eSign API.

This article explains how businesses can elevate their sales efficiency with eSign API solutions.

How to create a digital signature in a PDF

The digital signature is an improved method of electronic signing as it employs encryption to confirm the signer’s identity and prevent tampering with the document.

Websites and applications allow users to sign their documents and digitally protect their validity and authenticity. Lumin Sign is a typical example of such a website.

Here is how to create a digital signature in PDF:

  1. Click on the “Fill Out and Sign” widget.
  2. Next, click on the “Sign” menu. A popup box will appear so you can add your signature.
  3. Then, press the “Create It Now” button in the window that pops up. Here, you can either “Draw It In” to draw your signature online from scratch or “Upload Image” to submit a scanned copy of your signature. You can also type text in the box instead of drawing or uploading the signature.
  4. To insert a signature in a PDF, locate the signature area and click the “Sign” button.
  5. Then hit “Save.”

According to the ESIGN Act, any digital signature you generate with an eSign API is as legally binding as if you’d used a traditional handwritten one.

How to delete a digital signature from a PDF

Deleting a digital signature from a PDF is pretty straightforward. The only catch is that you need to be the original PDF signer before you can delete the signature.

This makes sense from a data privacy and protection standpoint. Even if someone else tries to blur the electronic signature in a PDF, the document will show signs of tampering.

Here is a detailed guide on how to delete digital signature in PDF:

  1. In your PDF editor, click “Preferences.” a drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Click on “Signatures.”
  3. Under the heading “Identities & Trusted Certificates,” you should see the More option; click on it. Make sure the signature on the PDF matches your ID by selecting the Digital IDs category.
  4. After opening the PDF, find the page containing the digital signature you want to erase. When you locate the signature, click on the area you want to remove it from and then press and hold the Control key. A menu will appear.
  5. From there, pick “Clear Signature.”

How does eSign API improve sales performance?

An electronic signature, also known as an eSignature, is a digital identity that can easily represent may digitally represent a person or entity. It may be as easy as signing off on an email or using an API solution software like Lumin Sign.

For instance, if a client needs to take out a loan, they can easily attach their signature loan online without the need to visit the banking institution themselves.

Here are some ways that eSign API improves sales performance:

Ensures compliance and security in data and document management

Documents you sign using an online PDF signature will be legally binding, as the API solution has characteristics like time stamps and encrypted data that guarantee compliance.

Digital and electronic signatures include encryption, a security measure that converts sensitive data into unreadable code to prevent unauthorized users from accessing or intercepting it.

Moreover, e-signature API solutions maintain meticulous audit trails, documenting every action taken when signing a document, such as timestamps, signatures, edits, and users who viewed the document.


Makes the sales pipeline more efficient

Sales teams can process, receive, and deliver documents faster without physical paperwork and manual handling. This quickness improves the sales pipeline’s overall efficiency, ensuring that transactions are completed on schedule and with minimal delays.

By using an online signature PDF, salespeople may access and manage documents from any location or internet-enabled device.

Improves workflow productivity by automating administrative tasks

Printing, sending, physically signing, scanning, and emailing papers are the traditional methods of obtaining signatures on proposals and contracts. This unnecessary back-and-forth consumes time and increases the likelihood of mistakes and setbacks.

With the ability to electronically sign documents built into sales platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, sales representatives can efficiently deliver documents for signing without any effort.


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Enhances collaborations between teams and stakeholders

The buying process in business-to-business sales involves several decision-makers, so it could be quite a hassle to find and include all these people when using traditional means of sending out paper contracts. E-sign APIs make every step of the sales process more manageable, not just for the salespeople themselves but also for the teams and stakeholders involved.

Helps salespeople close deals faster

Using electronic signatures, salespeople can quickly and easily sign documents online and email them back without printing, scanning, or faxing them. This option can save time, particularly when interacting with consumers worldwide.

By using electronic signatures, your sales team will save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on mundane tasks like filing, reentering data, hunting for misplaced papers, or locating a missing contract in the mail.


Enables the sales team to scale operations

Electronic signatures help finalize numerous agreements since you can sign many documents simultaneously.

In today’s globally interconnected society, customers and salespeople can finish the signing process without touching a pen. As physical locations do not constrain them, sales teams can reach out to more potential customers.

Improves client satisfaction

Customers also highly value the convenience of electronically signing documents. Thanks to electronic signatures, they can finalize transactions instantly after making a purchase decision. This automation saves them the trouble of printing, signing, scanning, and returning the document to you.


Reinforces transparent collaboration

With electronic signatures, businesses can verify the signer’s identity and ensure that the document has not been tampered with. Traditional signing processes, which are shrouded in delays and a lack of visibility, can make it difficult to achieve true transparency and hinder collaboration.

E-sign APIs facilitate clear communication between sales reps and clients, as both parties can easily insert electronic signatures in PDF documents.

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The eSign API tool is a must-have for businesses, especially ones looking to improve their sales efficiency. You’ve seen its several advantages to the authorization process, including streamlining document processing, ensuring security and compliance, and automating administrative tasks.

So, consider integrating an eSign API into your sales system and programs today. That way, you will begin closing deals faster, collaborating more effectively, and improving customer satisfaction.

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