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Are you looking for a new printing solution? Check out DTG or Direct-to-Garment! Dive into the details of this revolutionary new printing technology here!

The Revolutionary Printing Technology – DTG Printing

Printed T-shirts are in trend since a long time now. Be it a casual day out, or a fun day with friends, printed T-shirts just never disappoint! People have been wearing printed T-shirts for a long time now, but their complain is the quality and durability.

Most of the inks that are used in printed T-shirts don’t last long and are not soft to touch. They just start peeling off after a certain period of time. That is where the DTG printing comes in!

In case you are looking for printing a colorful design or if you need just a few products, DTG printing is the most convenient option for you. DTG (Direct to Garment) is a new technology that allows us to print unlimited amounts of designs and colors on clothing products. It is best for those who need a highly detailed design or require a few numbers of products. 

The result that you get after DTG printing directly depends upon the type of machinery that is used to do the printing. The qualities might drastically vary depending on this. Recently, DTG T-shirt painting has gained a lot of popularity. 

Since day one, our main focus is to go green! Our approach has made us the pioneers in the market. DTG printing can be done both on dark and light-colored garments, without compromising the vibrancy or color. With DTG printing, you will get a soft to touch finishing because the inks will sit within the fabric and not on top of the fabric. This also ensures a better durability. 

Why Should You Go for DTG Printing?

There are several reasons as to why DTG printing is the best when it comes to printing on clothing products. Some of those reasons are:

  • If you are looking for smaller volumes, you should definitely go for DTG printing as it will be much more cost-effective. 
  • In other types of printings, the inks settle on top of the fabric, as a result of which they start peeling off after a few days. But in DTG printing, the ink will sit within the fabric, which will make it long-lasting. 
  • The inks that are used in DTG printing don’t get faded away easily after washing.
  • It gives you the highest quality products.
  • The inks that are used are totally eco-friendly.

How Does It Work?

The DTG printers are nothing but the descendants of the traditional desktop inkjet printers. That is why, their way of working is quite similar. The only difference is that these printers are way larger than those desktop inkjet printers and they print directly onto the clothing products. There isn’t any risk of peeling off or the color getting faded away.

We also offer a risk-free D2C solution of printing on demand. High quality Kornit HD6 and Atlas DTG printers are used which gives you the finest quality products. There is a wide variety of premium blank products available for you to choose from on a print on demand basis. The production rate is really fast and we have clients all across the globe!

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