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Are you looking for a way to reach a wide audience? Discover how creative Facebook ads can drive your engagement and brand awareness up.

How Creative Facebook Ads Can Generate New Traffic

As you run a business, you will want to find ways you can draw more customers to your website. Doing so helps you gain more money, but it can be difficult to draw people in on your own. Facebook’s Ad Program stands out as an excellent option, so let’s discuss how creative Social-Viral and Facebook ads can help you generate new traffic to your site.

Gain More Exposure

When you create Facebook ads, you can gain more exposure for your brand. People will see your ads while others will click on them, bringing them to your website. As people click on these ads, the ads will bring new people to your website. In short, Facebook ads will help you expose more people to your website.

Facebook ads allow you to choose where those ads will lead, giving you the exact exposure you want. For example, you can send people to your homepage, product pages, blogs and many other locations. Just advertise those pages and send those people to the pages you want to get more traffic on.

Get Your Followers Involved

When you create ads on social media, you have the opportunity to get your followers involved with the process. As explained in this link about Facebook ad creative options, you can work with your followers to make ads. This involves having your followers make videos about your business or asking influencers for help.

Remember that you need to talk with your followers and work with them if you want to incorporated user-generated content into your ads. However, these types of ads can create an additional human element to your Facebook ads, drawing in more customers. If you involve your followers, you can draw in their friends, families and many others.

Find People Interested in Your Business

By using Facebook ads, you can draw in people who show interested in your business. If someone sees an ad and doesn’t want to check out your website, they will simply ignore it. However, if someone shows interest in your business after seeing an ad, he or she will click on it and visit your website to see what you can offer.

Most people who know your business won’t click on these ads since they already know where they can access your products. On the other hand, new people who show interest will click on the ads, leading to new traffic generated on your websites. Due to the nature of Facebook ads, you will get new traffic as you use that platform.

Target the Right People

Luckily, Facebook detects which types of ads it should share based on various demographics. For example, you can send ads to specific age groups, people with certain interests, those in certain locations and other information. This way, Facebook can help you target the right people to improve your sales.

For example, if your brand sells mattresses, you will want to send your ads to adults rather than teenagers since adults are more likely to buy them. Depending on your product, you can customize your ads to target specific demographics. This will help you find the right people, maximizing your potential for ad clicks and success with your campaign.

Get Comments and Shares

Depending on the type of Facebook ad you create, you can get more people to see it. For example, you can create a sponsored post on Facebook to make it appear on a variety of pages. From there, people can see the post, leave likes, share it and even comment on it, helping you gain more traction on the site.

As people post comments and share your sponsored post and ad, you can get more people to see your post. This happens as people share it since it will appear on their friends’ walls, leading to even more eyes seeing your ad. This will then help you get more traffic since people will see the post all over the place.

Reaching a Huge Audience

Speaking of seeing your ads, you will also gain new traffic through Facebook because of its return on assets. This means you end up making more money than you put into the ads when you use Facebook. This happens due to the sheer popularity of the platform since tons of people use it on a daily basis.

For example, over two billion people use Facebook every month, meaning there’s tons of people that will see your ads. As you get more eyes on your ads, you will naturally gain clicks, leading to an increase in your website traffic. These points make Facebook a solid choice for your ads since you will reach a large audience by utilizing this platform.

Expand Your Brand Awareness

As more people come across your ads, you will increase your brand awareness. Brand awareness is when people recognize your brand based on its products, design and overall presence. By creating ads, more people will see your brand, meaning more of them will recognize it when they come across it at a later point.

For example, some people may see an ad for your backpack business, but they may not need backpacks at the time. However, when they do need a backpack, they may recognize your brand and purchase a backpack from you. By increasing your brand awareness, you can gain more traffic in the future and even boost your overall sales, leading to more income.


When you check out different ways to grow your business, you should consider Facebook ads. A Facebook ad creative design can lead to more traffic on your website, making it a solid choice to help you out. Make sure you consider these points to understand how Facebook ads will lead to many benefits as you incorporate them into your marketing. 

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