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Are you texting with that special someone? Want to spice up the chat? Check out our handy guide that will make you say "talk dirty to me" now!

Dirty texting: Your guide to getting sexy with emojis

Getting flirty & frisky is obviously so much easier to do when you’re face-to-face with the person you’re attracted to. Sometimes, distance is the obstacle in the way between two people who are totally in the mood. 

When work schedules or other obligations block real-life intimacy, the next best option comes down to our cell phones. Video chats are always fun and so is a little bit of some dirty texting – with sexy emojis to get the point across. 

Eggplant 🍆

The eggplant emoji is fairly self-explanatory. It represents male genitalia with its blatant shape that makes anyone who sees it on their keyboard think of pretty much one thing. This is one of the most commonly used emojis when people are getting hot & heavy with dirty texting.

Peach 🍑

The peach emoji is typically used to refer to a female’s plump bottom side. It is often considered a highly sexual emoji to use while dirty texting because the animated peach is filled in with a feminine color and drawn with a deep crack down the center.

Tongue 👅

To the innocent mind, the tongue emoji exists to represent the muscular organ in our mouths that allows us to taste things. While dirty texting, this is the emoji you would send to let the other person know you’re interested in licking them . . . or being licked by them.

Smiling devil 😈

The smiling devil emoji is an easy way to let the person you desire know that you are “up to no good.” It means that you are thinking about things that might be deemed a tad bit inappropriate if anyone else were to find out. 

Banana 🍌

Just like the eggplant emoji, the banana emoji also represents male genitalia. This one is also pretty obvious because bananas have been used in movies, TV shows, and other modes of entertainment to depict a sexual scenario many times before. Who could forget the viral TikTok challenge a few months back when people tried to cram entire bananas down their throats for clout?

Flame 🔥

Sending a fire flame emoji while dirty texting means you think the person you’re texting is HOT! They’re so hot to you that you need to send a fire flame emoji to divulge just how sexy you really think they are. 

Firework 🎆🎇

The firework emoji can innocently mean nothing more than those gorgeous sparks lighting up in the night sky on holidays like July 4th or New Year’s Eve. When you’re dirty texting, the firework emoji represents an orgasm. Orgasms have frequently been compared to fireworks which is why this emoji fits the bill.

Hot dog 🌭

Just like the eggplant & banana emojis, the hot dog emoji also represents male genitalia. The hot dog emoji to an innocent texter simply just represents another delicious food item you might find at a Wienerschnitzel drive-through. For someone dirty texting, this emoji has its sexual double meaning. 

Scissors ✂

The scissors emoji symbolizes some well known girl-on-girl action. The list of lesbian sex positions goes on for miles, but the scissoring position is certainly one of the most popular – especially in adult movies.

Hammer 🔨

Sending someone a hammer emoji (in sexual context) means you’re ready to nail them, or get nailed by them. It also might mean you’re ready to get pounded by them, or ready to pound them. We’re referring to getting pounded sexually, of course, not detrimentally. 

Cancer zodiac sign ♋

The reason the Cancer zodiac symbol lands on this list is that the number 69 is visible which instantly reminds everyone of a very common sexual position. Anyone who doesn’t already know about this one should take a glimpse into the Kama Sutra

Bed 🛏

If you send a bed emoji to your special person, it sort of stands as an invitation. It means you’re so very ready to meet them in the bedroom to get down & dirty. In a sexual context, the bed emoji has absolutely nothing to do with sleepy time. It’s all about sexy time.

Lipstick print 👄

An emoji like the lipstick print is easily sexualized without needing much explanation. It symbolizes kissing, after all. Kissing is one of the most common foreplay activities a couple can get into before the clothes come off!

Water drops 💧💧💧

The water drops emoji are what you would send to create the imagery of male ejaculation. Since this emoji is associated with a man “finishing”, it’s often paired with the eggplant, banana, or hot dog emojis.

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