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Deriv Copy Trading Review: Insights From Traders Union For A Successful Trading

Copy trading is a new way for investors, especially beginners, to use the financial market. It lets regular people copy the trades of experienced experts and possibly make as much money as they do. This review looks at how copy trading works on the Deriv platform. It talks about what it offers, why it’s good, and how to make the most of it, all with help from the experts at Traders Union (TU).

Understanding copy trading

According to TU’s analysts, copy trading is when one person copies the trades of another, usually someone more experienced in trading. The idea is to find a skilled trader and copy their trades. On Deriv, there isn’t a special copy trading platform from Deriv itself. Instead, you can use trading signals from the MQL5 copy trading platform.

This way of trading has become very popular as a way to make money without doing much in the financial world. Copy trading platforms let beginners use the skills of professional traders. When you subscribe to a professional trader, the trades they make are copied into your account, either automatically or semi-automatically.

Exploring the pros and cons of Deriv copy trading

Traders Union experts have provided a Deriv сopy trading review. They have reviewed the pros and cons of trading with this popular platform. 


  • You don’t need to deposit a lot of money to get started.
  • You can choose from various ways to put money in or take money out.
  • Deriv offers lots of different types of trading, like currencies, stocks, and more.
  • The company follows rules from different countries to make sure things are fair.
  • They have client support around the clock.
  • There are no extra fees for having an account or using their platforms.


  • The lessons they give on the website might not be enough for new traders.
  • It’s a bit hard to reach their client support.
  • Some people from certain countries, like the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Israel, can’t use Deriv.
  • Deriv doesn’t have its own special copy trading platform.
  • If you want to get trading signals, you need to have an MQL5 community account.

Costs of Deriv copy trading

Deriv provides a clear and straightforward way to use their copy trading service. When you decide to follow a trader’s strategies, you won’t face any hidden costs or extra charges. But, if you choose to use paid signals, you’ll need to add money to your MQL5 account. The platform also encourages free trading on various assets, which means you won’t have to pay extra fees for holding positions overnight on specific indices and financial assets. This ensures that you have a transparent and cost-effective experience when using Deriv’s copy trading service, as recommended by TU’s experts.

Is Deriv copy trading secure?

Analysts at Traders Union consider that when picking a copy trading platform, safety and rules are super important. Deriv is a legit broker that follows many financial authorities’ rules. They have to follow rules from the MFSA in Malta, LFSA in Malaysia, BVI FSC in the British Virgin Islands, and VFSC in Vanuatu. These rules make sure Deriv stays a safe place for copy trading, so you can trust them with your money.


Copy trading is a way for regular people, especially beginners, to enter the financial market and make money by copying experienced traders. Deriv offers this service, and this review explains how it works. Copy trading can be a convenient and profitable way to engage in trading without a lot of knowledge. Deriv has its pros, like low minimum deposits, diverse payment options, and various trading choices. However, there are some downsides, such as limited educational resources and challenges in contacting client support. Moreover, it may only be available to some residents of certain countries. Despite these considerations, Deriv ensures transparent pricing for copy trading and maintains regulatory compliance, making it a secure choice for traders.

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