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Book scanning can be a lengthy, boring process. Not anymore! Say goodbye to the slow, time-wasting process and scan books more efficiently with this.

How to Speed-Up the Book-Scanning Process

A scanner is one of the essential equipment in every office. However, most offices have traditional scanners that are slow and hassle to use. Despite these machines being useful, the improvements have been slow. Since the first scanner came out, little has changed with traditional scanners.

Overhead Book Scanner: CZUR Shine Ultra

The good news is these days; there is a revolutionized super-fast book scanner known as CZUR Shine Ultra. The scanner offers improved document scanning speed, resolution, and portability. The space-saving is superb; you can take it anywhere you need.

Without further ado, I am going to let you know why you need to buy CZUR Shine Ultra (coupon code :CZUR20) . Also, how to speed up document scanning.

Why Are Traditional Book Scanners Becoming Less Popular?

Traditional scanners have limitations when it comes to speed. Especially when you are scanning HD images, it can be time-consuming. Also, scanning bound books becomes a problem since they can cause damage to the book spine.

These are some of the experiences you encounter with a traditional scanner.

All-In-One Scanner

1. Difficulties when scanning bound and unbound books

When using most of the traditional scanners, scanning bound books has been problematic. Most of them can only scan one page at a time or both pages but lack curvature flattening technology.

For some, like sheet-fed, handheld, or flatbed, they will give you stress when scanning large bound books.

2. Extra time consuming

When scanning your documents using old scanners, you need more time and energy. Primarily, you need to press a book to make it as straight as possible. By pressing a document, it will end up consuming your extra time and energy.

3. Boring scanning process

Most of the conventional scanners lack innovative features. Thus, everything is manually controlled. The use of old technology is one of the factors that make these equipment boring.


4. Requires more space

Some machines like all-purpose scanners are large and bulky. You will need a lot of space to fit your machine. Despite the large size, you will still experience problems when scanning bound books.


How to Speed-Up the Scanning Process?

A slow scanner can significantly reduce your productivity. That is why everyone is looking for ways to speed up their machines. You can upgrade your scanning experience by following steps.

Get a faster PC

Not only does the scanner suffer from slow speed, but even your computer is a determinant. Every book scanner comes with software that enables compatibility with a computer. Latest computers have more processing power hence enabling faster scanning.

Use clean and clear books

When you are using old books with poor visibility, it can take time to scan. Especially using the OCR feature, it can be problematic and slows your scanning. Good quality books with clean pages improve the overall speed.


Get a fast scanner

Getting a fast scanning book scanner is one of the surest ways to speed your process. Latest overhead scanners like CZUR Shine Ultra have excellent processing speed.

Get a modern scanner with advanced functions

 Having the right one with advanced features lets you work flawlessly. The latest scanners have advanced features like OCR, curve flattening, and AI functions.


Why Do You Need CZUR Shine Ultra?

CZUR Shine Ultra is a powerful document scanner. It incorporates advanced scanning features and speed. With this device, you can do more while straining less.

Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why you need it in your life.

Auto-scan feature

Shine ultra uses AI to achieve hands-free. You enjoy a simple process without touching the button or foot pedal. Sensors in the scanner Sense when you turn the page and scanning is initiated automatically.

Book curve-flattening technology

Scanning bound books leaves the scans with curved design when using traditional scanners. This scanner has patented curvature flattening technology. Once you scan a book, it presents the scans straight without the curved design. And, no more damage to the book spine due to hard pressing.

High-speed scanning; less than 1 second per page

CZUR Shine Ultra is outstanding when it comes to speed. It makes a scan in less than one second. Whether it’s single or double pages, one second is all it takes.

Multiple scanning methods

With this advanced scanner, you can now enjoy new scanning methods. With its overhead design, you don’t have to press a book. Just place it on the scanning mat, and it’s ready for scanning. You can press the scan button, foot pedal, or set to automatic scanning mode.

Changeable top light

Does your current scanner offer you adjustable lighting? You don’t have to worry anymore. CZUR Shine Ultra is handy and enables you to adjust the light. It comes with a stepless LED light adjustment via a soft button on the button.


Export format

Shine Ultra is one of the best scanners on the market. It has an OCR feature to enable editing. Some export formats include;

  • PDF
  • Searchable PDF
  • JPG
  • Word
  • Excel
  • TIFF

The advanced OCR enables up to 180 languages.


Editing capacity

One of the great features you will like about this scanner is the ability to change color mode. Depending on what you are scanning, you can select dark or white color modes. Additionally, you can edit the document directly, which eases the whole scanning process.



The scanner has the latest software that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Also, the simple operating interface enables the device to perform a variety of tasks.



By looking at all aspects, CZUR Shine Ultra is a high-quality book scanner worth buying. It’s a portable scanner that is best for homes, offices, and businesses, and other uses.

With foot pedal, scan bottom, and software control, your scanning time is significantly reduced. Moreover, the ability to edit directly ensures efficiency and convenience compared to old machines

Owning this scanner gives you an advantage in scanning faster and portability. 

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