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Choosing the Right Platform: A Guide to the Best Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing has become a crucial component of business processes. With more employees working remotely, the ability to communicate with colleagues virtually is essential. Video conferencing is also vital for business interactions, often being a convenient way to meet with clients.

One of the significant advantages of online meetings is the saving of time and money. Video conferencing eliminates the need for physical travel, which is a boon for saving time and transport costs. This is particularly relevant for international companies and teams spread across various cities and countries.

Video conferencing enables quick assembly of teams to discuss issues without wasting time on meeting preparation and organization in an office setting. This allows teams to make decisions faster and work more efficiently, enhancing productivity, a notable merit of this service.

There are many platforms available for online meetings. Zoom is one of the most popular services for video conferencing. It is a paid service with several tariff plans, though it also offers free connections limited to 40 minutes.

Video conferences can also be conducted through messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram, which have user limits for simultaneous participation in calls.

Moreover, there are services without call duration limits. For instance, the Gem Space superapp imposes no duration limit, and up to 1000 users can participate simultaneously. All these services are offered free of charge.

Vage Zakaryan, Head of Development at Gem Space superapp, comments on the current video conferencing situation in the communication market: “Each company decides what is more beneficial for them. Some think about how to monetize their service faster, while others aim to create a user community and attract as many as possible. We chose the latter, aiming to expand our community within the app. Hence, we have no fees or limitations. By the way, now it’s possible to call even those who are not registered in the app.”

Video conferencing allows participants to join meetings from any device and from anywhere with internet access. This is especially convenient for remote employees and those who often travel for work.

Most video conferencing platforms allow meeting recordings, which is helpful for those unable to join in real-time or for purposes of review and training.

Janny Barth, a digital producer at AGB World Production, views video conferencing as a vital step in communication evolution: “I can’t imagine what would have happened to our business without the ability to conduct meetings online. Initially, it helped us during the pandemic, and now it helps us reduce costs by holding online meetings with partners, clients, and remote-working employees. It also saves another valuable resource for us — time.”

Video conferencing enables meeting participants to see each other’s facial expressions and gestures, improving mutual understanding and communication. Elements of informal communication, such as smiles and gestures, can enhance the effectiveness of communication and strengthen team spirit.

The service is expected to develop even more actively in the future, as its benefits are recognized by all market participants.

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