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Looking for a brand-new smartphone? Find out what you need to know before buying a new smartphone today.

5 Things you must checkout before buying new smartphone

Looking for a brand-new smartphone? In this tech era who doesn’t want to upgrade their gear, especially the mobile? It plays an important role in our lives that without considering changing it according to the upcoming features, things aren’t supposed to be like that. However, by each day, every new firm is releasing some other smartphones that are taking over the world. All other famous names are there but, it being enough to trust the firms without understanding the nature of the phone you are about to purchase won’t make sense. So, these are the first 5 things you should look into while changing the device.

Specifications that shapes the adventure

Mobile companies are changing the structure continuously based on the user’s feedback and concerns. It has gotten different with the way these corps used to work. Nowadays, the style is already picked by one and others just follow around while changing a few other stuff and launch while doing the marketing to compete with other labels. However, the upgraded features vary with the amount of sugar you put into the budget. Either way if one can’t afford the latest versions of any phone, a thing should be kept in mind that other sorts of phones that could provide top-notch experience. Some of the things that should be examined are,

  • Graphical Display
  • Software
  • Battery timing
  • Storage space
  • Camera 

What exactly one has to look at graphics? It is easy as visuals of the phone will assure how well the mobile system works. If it shows great output along the usage time that means the software part is reliable because graphics and processing rate depend on the GPU. The minimum requirement of a well-performing GPU is above 100 it will deliver excellent visuals as the level of the graphical processing unit goes up.

The battery timing is also based on a similar component. It will take a strong battery to support the visuals providing how heavy they are. Anything more than 4000mAh will do exceptionally, it offers up to 48 hours. In addition to that, the storage is the center of attention. Without enough space, there is no use of a phone especially in the time of social media. Everything is based on applications therefore a good smartphone calls for a good portion of storage. But it doesn’t end here; the camera should be first-rate to click everyday pictures or fulfilling one’s photography passion whether it is about hobby or daily life. Nowadays, different companies are into providing many cameras in a smartphone that requires a single lens to capture outstanding photographs.

Performance is the key

In a world full of fashion and style what exactly enchants the user, it’s the execution rate. How well the system performs with the pressure of apps including social media when hundreds of notifications pop up on the homepage or it opens simultaneously, it has to be away from bugs or lagging. Moreover, the cooling system shows a lot in crisis times. For example, while using many functions at once for a long period, of smartphones are on fire literally. Phones can also go like BBQ platters if the cooling fan behaves the other way. 


Although people buy various things such as extra fans to support their phones why is there a need for tens of several-stuff when you are spending well on the phone itself? Hence honor 90 is a remarkable choice in all those terms discussed above because of its extraordinary battery timing that comes with 5000mAh making it fast charging and functioning fir up to 2 days. It has a fast processor with an astounding display to charm users making it the next-best smartphone of 2023.  

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