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If you want to get your streaming fix, what are the best tablets and smartphones to watch Netflix on? We break down our favorite choices for you here.

Best Ways to Watch Netflix

If you are a fan of Netflix, you might think every way to watch is the best way to watch Netflix. That is not exactly the case. You can watch Netflix on a 5G iPhone mini and get lag-free streaming. 

But that doesn’t mean you are going to enjoy the experience. When your picture is functionally the size of a postage stamp, it is a bad experience. Also, the mini has terrible battery life. So enjoy the 35 minutes you get streaming it over 5G in pristine 4K. 

You can also hack your microwave oven to run the Netflix app while your fridge plays Duke Nukem and your toaster oven will run Windows 3.1. If you are doing it for the lols, you do you. But don’t try to convince anyone that the project was mind-expanding, enjoyable, and a good use of a slow Saturday afternoon. It isn’t. 

Also, if you are going to hack something to play on your microwave, it has to be Popcorn Time. Your fridge is much more suited for Netflix and chill, just not the kind of chill you had in mind. I think you are starting to get the point that not every possible Netflix experience is a good one. Here are a few of the best:

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the best accessories for Netflix on 4 wheels. All electric cars offer the benefit of a little extra time to waste while you fill your battery tank. Netflix is a great way to spend that time. 

Of course, when you are using a JuiceBox level 2 charger, you don’t have a lot of time to wait like you do with other charging solutions. You could be in and out before the opening credits are done. So when using a proper charging station, try pairing it with a radio station. Songs are faster.

The reason the Tesla Model 3 is such a good choice is that the screen is in the horizontal orientation. No one wants to watch Netflix vertically. 

What is this? Quibi? The enormous screen is also positioned a little higher which makes it more ergonomic for viewing. Are you going to have to hack your in-car entertainment system to make it work? Of course you are. And that would be a good use of a slow Saturday afternoon. Just remember, don’t watch and drive. Netflix responsibly. 

2021 12.9” iPad Pro

Sure, the iPad is without peer. But that is not why it makes a great Netflix viewing experience. Netflix is a popular OTT platform, in part, because you can watch it on anything. The 2021 12.9” iPad Pro is a great platform because it has a gorgeous miniLED display. That makes it one of the best mobile screens for TV and movie enjoyment.

Unfortunately, that incredible screen comes with an even more incredible price. If you want to say hello to that particular iPad, you will need to say goodbye to $1,099 minimally. 

Add a Magic Keyboard to the mix and you are up to $1,449. Grab a side of 5G and you will risk splitting your side laughing at the price of $1,649. And we are still talking about the base model before upping the specs. At that point, you have to ask yourself why you didn’t just buy a big-screen TV and pay some kids to carry it around wherever you go. I’m not saying that’s a good use of your money either. But at that price, it’s an option.

Netflix in VR

If you are wearing a headset in public, you have already given up on so many things: fashion, girlfriend, a job — everything. Since you’re already there, why not take the next step and watch Netflix in VR. It is pretty cool. That doesn’t mean you will be cool if you do it. However, if even one member of the fairer sex tries to strike up a conversation with you while you are wearing your VR contraption, you know you’ve got a keeper. 

There really are some bad ways to watch Netflix. Skip the good ways and go straight to the awesome. Watch it in a Tesla Model 3, or an iPad Pro, or a VR headset. 

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