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Need to drive more engagement on Twitter? Learn the secrets of using and optimizing great hashtags here.

5 Best Ways to Use Hashtags for Great Result on Twitter

Twitter has constantly increased in popularity over all these years. However, it is becoming difficult to understand exactly how you can optimize it for best engagement of your business profile. If you want maximum exposure on a place like Twitter, then one thing you need to understand how to do is use hashtags in the right way. This could be a make or break point for your brand or company.

In case you’re not utilizing your hashtags usage on twitter, then you could be working on a social media loss. There are a number of ways you can better your twitter engagement- this includes the right contacts, and content creation. However, hashtags are one of the most important things you need to focus on. Check out Tweeteev (Buy Twitter Followers) and other sites below.

If most tactics don’t work for you then you can always buy twitter retweets. If you keep reading this article you will also find out the ways in which you can increase engagement on twitter. Below we have given the best ways to use hashtags on twitter-

Understand Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are very important for twitter because they are the only way people will be able to follow up on your content. They are the way through which twitter categorizes tweets and makes them visible to viewers.  Research has shown that tweets with hashtags can increase engagement in the form of retweets, replies, and favorites.

Here are some occasions you can use hashtags for:

  • Events: #PresidentsUKVisit, #Wimbledon, #CMIWorld
  • Places: #NYC, #London
  • Themes: #ThursdayThoughts
  • Things: #coffee #computers #cars
  • Verbs: #golfing #cooking #writing
  • Industry terms: #Social Media #Photography 

Moreover you should not use hashtags in case of twitter adverts. In case you are trying to get traffic to your website, then this might not be the best option. Twitter has found that adverts which come without hashtags or a mention get 23 percent more clicks.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags are vital for Twitter because they are the only way for users to follow you along with your posts. They are the tools by which Twitter categorizes and renders tweets available to people. Tweets with hashtags have been found to improve interaction in the form of retweets, replies, and likes in studies.

Here are some tips on how you should use twitter hashtags-

  • You can easily use one or more than one hashtags in any place within your tweet. Twitter says that you should not use more than two hashtags within a tweet, however, you are free to use as many as you would like. 
  • You should also not use spaces in a hashtag. For instance, #Christmas Eve would only refer to ‘Christmas’ and not the event ‘ChristmasEve’.
  • Neither should you be using any punctuations in a hashtag. For instance you can’t say #Don’tUsePlastic, even though this is grammatically correct. Instead you should use hashtags like #Don’tUsePlastic without any punctuation.

How to Look for Hashtags

There is no use in putting down a hashtag that nobody is looking for. If you want to find the most popular and trending hashtags for tweets, then you should read this section. 

The first place where you should look for trending hashtags is Twitter itself. When you go to the sidebar on the left hand under your profile, you will be able to find a personalized list of the best 10 twitter trends. Some of these trends are topics, instead of hashtags.

 Twitter trends will be catered to you on the basis of your location, and the people you follow. Trends are the best way for you to get closer to the things that you care about. In case you do not like the recommendations given to you then you can always change your location.

If you want you can also make use of tools like Hashtagify in order to find the right tags. These tools will let you discover the most relevant hashtags that will help you reach your audience- you will also be given custom suggestions that can assist finding competitors, and influencers. 

How to Make the Right Hashtags

You have to remember some points when trying to make hashtags. First try and make them as simple and easy as possible. People on twitter won’t look for complex hashtags so try to be practical in your approach, and make tweets that are discoverable. 

At the same time, you have to take care and do the right amount of research before you use any hashtags. First check what kind of hashtags are already being used by people, and capitalize those. Also, try to ensure that the hashtags you want are being distributed extensively- all these points will help you find the hashtags that are actually relevant to your tweets.

If you want to improve the visibility of your hashtags, then you should also try to collaborate with influencers, and twitter icons in your field. This will give your brand the exposure and audience it needs.


Over the years, Twitter’s success has slowly grown. However, it’s getting more difficult to work out how to customize it for full interaction. If you want to get the best out of a social networking site like Twitter, one thing you must learn is how to correctly use hashtags. This could be a pivotal moment for your brand or company.

If you’re not using hashtags on Twitter, you may be on the brink of a social media meltdown. There are many ways to boost your Twitter interaction, including choosing the right connections and developing meaningful material. However, one of the most important items you can work on is hashtags. 

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