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Best Movies and Documentaries about Cryptocurrencies: Full List

The world of finance has seen a major overhaul in recent years, with trading, investing and even buying and selling experiencing a shift in the way consumers use their money. The driving force behind these changes is certainly technology – and advancements in digital products and services have prompted a new way of thinking. As part of this, the inception of Bitcoin in 2009 created a whole new environment for finance, as cryptocurrencies were suddenly thrown into the fray.

While its beginnings were humble, its concept and applications have been growing evermore complex, and now, with an estimated 300 million people using crypto worldwide, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The good news is that there is a wealth of resources out there for those interested in getting to know more about the niche, so here are the top crypto movies and documentaries on the web.

Quick watches

1. Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency

This is simply a 14-minute episode from a wider Netflix docuseries that focuses on interesting trending topics, but it sure packs a punch. It offers a short insight into the crypto environment, covering things like blockchain, its popularity and the wider industry.

2. Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

Covering a host of points in just 35 minutes, this documentary aims to bring a better understanding of Bitcoin to viewers without overcomplicating the niche. It challenges the critics, answers frequently asked questions and generally offers worthwhile insights.

3. Crypto Gambling and all you need to know

As one of the fastest growing niches in the world of digital currency, this 8-minute insight into crypto gambling is a must-watch. Especially for those who want to understand how to gamble securely online with Bitcoin casinos, with little fuss. This short documentary will also give you some useful advice on how not to fall for scam casinos and some basic rules for online gambling.

The history of Bitcoin

1. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Starting right at the very beginning, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a movie that depicts everything that happened in the early days of this digital asset and other similar tokens. Viewers get a clear idea of where crypto began, how early supporters championed its use in retail and even the processes behind ensuring it continues to be useful as technology evolves. 

2. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

For those who want a detailed explanation of blockchain technology, its uses, development and role in the functionality of digital currencies, Trust Machine was created to provide everything the modern crypto enthusiast needs to know. 

Most value for viewers

1. CRYPTOPIA: Bitcoin, Blockchains and The Future of the Internet

As a well-thought-out movie about cryptocurrency, this award-winning piece takes a look at how people are using Bitcoin and blockchain technology for both work and play. With a focus on how decentralised currencies are impacting areas like trading and online gambling, as well as what’s to come in the future, viewers get a detailed insight that is easy to digest.

2. The Blockchain and Us

Settle in for this eight-part documentary if you’d like to know more about the fundamentals of blockchain technology. There is a focus on the core principles of blockchain without all the technical jargon, as well as the social and economic impact that could potentially arise with its continued application.

Interesting takes

1. Life on Bitcoin

Not all movies and documentaries in this niche focus on the history of Bitcoin and educating viewers – and Life on Bitcoin is a fantastic example of this. American couple Austin and Becky made the decision to live on cryptocurrency alone for a whole year. This 100-day social experiment will certainly provide a unique insight into how using digital currency every day has its challenges.

2. Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

Here’s one for the true crime buffs; this movie covers the mysterious events surrounding Gerry Cotten, who founded a multi-million crypto exchange and died unexpectedly. If you are looking for a true story that’s laced with conspiracies and an interesting insight into the difficulties faced by those in the wake of a significant figure’s death, this will be the one to watch.

Get involved now

It’s no secret that the industry is convoluted, complicated and even mysterious in places, and that cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere soon. Whether you want to get involved with buying, selling and trading, want to start using crypto as an alternative to fiat money and traditional banks, or even if you’d like to get set up with crypto casinos and gamble securely online, the options are almost endless and are evolving in new and exciting ways year by year.

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