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Making the most of everyone stuck inside, Apple is determined to provide entertainment. Let’s deep dive into the Apple One subscription service.

Is Apple One worth your money? The new subscription service

Apple is on a mission in 2020. Making the most of everyone stuck inside, Apple is determined to provide entertainment. iOS14 is bringing countless hours of customization, but the tech company wants us all off our couches. Fitness Plus is a new subscription service providing a virtual fitness experience.

Fitness Plus is the perfect motivation to get moving when we’ve spent months doing the complete opposite. This new subscription will be a part of Apple’s latest innovation – Apple One. Apple has stated this is: “the biggest bang, binge, and blast for your buck” as it combines all of Apple’s current subscriptions we know and love under one convenient package. 

Let’s deep dive into the Apple One subscription service and if it’s really worth your bucks.

Fitness Plus

Motivation to get moving can be a daily struggle. With coronavirus hitting the world like a brick through a window, heading to the local gym has proven impossible. Fitness Plus is the perfect opportunity for those isolating to achieve their goals while in the safety of their homes. 

According to Apple, many of the workouts don’t require any equipment at all which makes this even more convenient. You’ll be able to select workouts based on their duration, and tech giant Apple has ensured that new workouts will be added each week. 

What makes Fitness Plus stand out is the integration of your health stats as you’re working out. You’ll also be able to get a summation of your data at the end of your workouts. 

Unfortunately, the Fitness Plus subscription requires an Apple Watch and, therefore, limits those who can enjoy the latest feature. Could this put people off potentially subscribing?

Apple TV+

Apple TV has been around for a little while and is quickly building its popularity. With new Apple Originals every month, people have been tuning in and binging their latest shows. The seamless viewing experience has allowed those with multiple Apple devices to enjoy shows on whichever Apple product they’re using.

The monthly subscription is currently $4.99 monthly and is blowing Netflix’s subscription fees out of the water. You can share the subscription with family meaning that life’s made easier for families everywhere.

Apple TV has been added to the Apple One bundle in a bid to entice everyone into subscribing and tuning in to their original content.

Apple Arcade

Announced earlier this year, Apple Arcade provides gaming entertainment at a monthly cost. No ads on the games is enough to make anyone dive into their wallets. Up to six family members can access Apple Arcade with one subscription. 

Joining forces with visionary game developers has brought games that are quite literally out of this world. Each month we’re greeted with even more worlds to explore. 

Apple Music

The Apple One subscription service provides thousands of songs by your favorite artists in one convenient app. You’re able to stream over 70 million songs completely ad free. You can enjoy your music offline and have access to exclusive radio stations only available through Apple Music. 

Apple One has three different payment plans: 

Individual – $14.95 per month which includes: Music, TV+, Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. Ultimately saving $6 per month.

Family (able to share with five other people) – $19.95 per month which includes: Music, TV+, Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage. You’re saving $8 per month with this plan.

Premier (able to share with five other people) – $29.95 per month which includes: Music, TV+, Arcade, 2TB of iCloud storage, News+, and Fitness+. This deal will actually save you $25 per month.

It’s up to you whether or not this new subscription service is something that’s worth your money. Apple One is arriving in the fall available for you to see if the price tag is worth the accessibility. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be subscribing.

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