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Join as we're fascinated by our early glimpses of the future. The Apple event live is near and it looks like there’s going to be some surprises!

What will Apple announce at their live event today?

Today’s the day Apple is holding their annual iPhone launch event today. Their hype-filled, expensively produced fall launches are a signature of the company going back over a decade. Now Apple hasn’t yet commented on what exactly they plan to release, reports and analysts, and past release cycles heavily suggest new iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watch models are on their way. 

Every year, we ponder Apple’s live event, fascinated by our early glimpses of the future. Just a few months ago, a scannable QR code appeared in the sky over Shanghai. Can you imagine your children having robots as their classmates in school? Okay, maybe that’s ludicrous, but Apple’s innovations aren’t going away. It seems like they’re always going to give us a little something new to look forward to. 

Apple’s annual iPhone event today is the company’s seventh virtual launch in a row thanks to the pandemic. One lesson we can take from this is that COVID times are going to come (by COVID, we really mean uncertain), uncertain times come in all of our lives and they shouldn’t stop us from achieving our ambitions. 

Maybe the world will have to go virtual for a little while longer but you don’t have to miss out on the gifts from Apple’s live event!


The iPhone is Apple’s most essential product, accounting for half of their sales last year. Until last year, Apple has announced new models every September since 2012. Last October, we saw the publishing of four iPhone models: a smaller $599 iPhone 12 mini, the $829 iPhone 12, the higher-end $999 iPhone 12 Pro and the $1,099 iPhone 12 Pro Max. All of the iPhone 12s gave their users 5G connectivity, with a new design. 

And we can expect this year’s lineup to be similar to last year, including screen sizes and prices. A leading Apple analyst is hinting a great change this year. These new iPhones can also come with larger batteries with a slightly heavier weight due to the new internal-space-saving design. In the past, they came with camera and processor upgrades which are practically certain to happen again this year.

Apple Watch

Apple’s Watch models accounted for eleven percent of the company’s sales last year. The new design is composed with a gentle increase in screen size which would be equivalent to sixteen percent more pixels on the watch’s display, according to Bloomberg News.

Apple may introduce us to new watch faces, taking advantage of the larger screens, including one in particular that would allow a user to see all the world’s time zones all at once. 

Now, one downside is customers may be faced with a short supply because of some production issues. There’s even talk of Apple adding blood-pressure sensing this year.


Apple’s AirPods took over twenty five percent of last year’s sales. Despite the product growing in importance, they haven’t seen their new AirPods since October 2019 when they first gave us the higher-ed AirPods Pro wearing a new design and the much needed noise cancellation. 

As news for investors, Apple will launch a new AirPod 3 and may continue to sell the current AirPods at lower prices. The brand new design will probably make the AirPods look more like the AirPod Pro, with a wider case and shorter stems. 


If Apple announces their new iPads at the live event, it’ll show the world how important the product has become as the pandemic forced us to work and learn from home, driving that boost in computer sales, being an over thirty nine percent increase from last year. They’ve updated the chip in its least expensive iPad, a $329 tablet that’s been simply named iPad.

They’re due for an upgrade this fall, including a fingerprint reader like the iPad Air, or Face ID like the iPad Pro. 

The Apple event live is near and it looks like there’s going to be some surprises! Share your thoughts now!

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