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Could Kanye West be regretting the whole Kim Kardashian divorce saga? Why his most recent breakup leads us to believe so.

There are simply too many Yeezy upcoming releases to keep track of. Are you more excited for 'Donda' or Yeezy Day? If the shoe fits!

Happy forty-fourth birthday, Kanye West! Yeezy has certainly had an interesting career, but we're here for it. How's Twitter celebrating Yeezy's birthday?

Kanye West is moving on! The Yeezy star is done thinking about his ex Kim Kardashian. Check out the rapper's plan after he signs the divorce papers.

Do you know Kanye West's net worth? Looks like 2020 was a whopping year for the Yeezy rapper. Here's how Kanye West became the biggest billionaire!

Kim Kardashian has posted about Kanye West's Yeezy sneakers recently. Read on to learn why this *doesn't* mean Kimye is getting back together.

Was a prenup signed before tying the knot? Could their shared net worth be impacted? Let’s dive into the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce.

Following his split with Kim Kardashian, people have speculated about Kanye West's net worth. But did he spend a bulk of it on sneakers? See for yourself.