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Pearl Mackie is set to play the newest Doctor Who companion, “Bill Potts,” but she won’t be a love interest for the Doctor – her character is openly

Donnie Darko is back in cinemas today, over fifteen years after its first release. Here’s hoping that second time’s a charm for this cult hit that never quite

The Hollywood Reporter states today there are concerns that the Oscar winner Moonlight will be not be released in China. After passing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast earlier

Variety reports Joss Whedon is currently in talks to direct, produce and write Batgirl. This would be a standalone movie from the Warner Bros. DC Universe franchise. We love

Scope creep? Say what? Scope creep is a term, made famous by software development teams, that describes a situation where the a project’s delimitation leaks outside its original boundaries. With

A career in film is all about relationships. Unless you’re Anna Biller, you need to rely on a team to help construct your fantasies and capture them on

In Part 1, we explored the nuts and bolts of how to formulate your plan to find readers for your script. Now let’s make some pals and build a

The hottest question on scriptwriters’ lips has eternally been: “Now that my screenplay’s done, how on Earth am I going to find readers?” Fear not, dear scribe –

You have a great idea. Your friends all agree it would make a great movie but you have no idea where to get started. What you need, my