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Today, young adult shows are stepping a little closer to the realities of what it’s like to be young with shows that are far more realistic than their

In real life, few people want to hook up with cannibals or conartists unless there’s some sort of tasty financial reward at the end of it, but on

Navigating romantic relationships as a teen was never easy – not only were we finding our feet, but we had those dreaded hormones to contend with. Luckily we

Are you ready for S2 of '13 Reasons Why'? The controversial Netflix Originals teen series returns to screens this weekend when we’ll all likely get super depressed as

It looks like Josh Schwartz is finally getting to work on his dream project after thirteen years, as Hulu has commissioned a limited series based on the bestselling

On April 27, the 22nd annual Day of Silence will take place, highlighting the issue of the bullying of LGBTQI students in schools and colleges across the country.

Featuring one of the best female friendships on television right now, we’re over the moon to see 'Alexa & Katie' has been renewed by Netflix for a second

The producers of 'The Walking Dead' should’ve ended the show after season six – seven at a stretch – but instead they’re carrying on with the same old