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Wondering how the stars & planets are going to affect your life this year? Find out what's mercury retrograde and when it's coming here.

Rare alignment between Jupiter & Saturn on winter solstice 2020 may be the return of the Christmas Star. Here are the facts.

Don't forget to look up at the sky later this month, Jupiter and Saturn might be forming a "real" Christmas Star this year.

Get out your lunar calendars because the full moon in October will be extra special this year. Here's everything to know about October's lunar cycle.

Scientists think that Saturn's moon Enceladus is a likely candidate for hosting alien life. Fresh ice found on the surface unveils the latest discovery.

If aliens exist, could they be hiding on a Saturn moon and drinking petrol? It may sound bizarre, but it’s exactly what these scientists suggested.

Some alien hunters think that extraterrestrials are living on Saturn's moons. Discover one wild theory about how aliens could be closer than we think.