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Are UFOs real? The Pentagon might release more videos proving their existence. Uncover what we could learn thanks to the Intelligence Authorization Act.

For years, Roswell has hosted an annual UFO festival, because, well, of course they do. Are UFOs real? Here's why festival-goers believe so.

Looking for some documents from the U.S. FBI agency to finally prove the existence of aliens? Prepare for out of this world news.

Were the alien pictures from Roswell real, and if not, why didn’t the investigators catch on sooner? Let's investigate those alien pictures.

Was there a real UFO found in the Congo? Delve into the UFO that allegedly landed in a Congolese province and the official explanation.

Here’s the ultimate guide to the most talked about pilots so far (which Deadline warns should be “taken with a grain of salt” – it is only April,