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Horror Movie 'Hellraiser' is Finally here. Find out how to stream the return of Pinhead Movies online for free.

Leatherface is back! Get your popcorn and blankets ready because you're going to be terrified as you watch 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' for free online.

Ready for 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Reboot'? But will gamers continue enjoying the series or should it be left alone? Get the latest on scope!

Is the new 'Star trek' movie going to have an original story? Don't get too disappointed if the filmmakers are, once again, going where we've gone before.

'9 to 5' may not be as groundbreaking as it was when it was released, but the film still has relevant feminist themes.

The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot is definitely happening whether we like or not. At the very least there are a few things it can do to keep

Hollywood’s obsession with remaking the classics is bordering on the absurd. Film Daily looks at the most offensive classic reboots to date.

Whether you’re enjoying them or not, the Hollywood machine isn’t stopping with its gender-swapped reboots anytime soon. Some in production may have promise.

After years of rumors, speculation, and a whole heap of well-wishing from fans, HBO is finally and officially moving forward with the Deadwood movie.