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Now that courts are reopening, the leaders of the NXIVM cult are finally about the meet their fate. Find out how long everyone's going to jail for.

If you thought you could finally stop hearing about NXIVM, think again, because HBO is premiering a true crime docuseries about the sex cult.

Many forget that under all the sex cult activity, NXIVM was a MLM organization. But it wasn't the first one Keith Raniere started.

With most of the major players involved in the NXIVM brand either in jail or awaiting sentencing, is the brand still alive? If so, who's running NXIVM?

Although Keith Raniere was the leader of the NXIVM cult, other high-ranking members also helped create this pyramid scheme. Here's what we know.

Though marketed as a self-help group, NXIVM cult was far from supportive. Here are all the influential people who were involved.

As more horror stories come out about the NXIVM cult, the list of celebrities with tie to the company gets longer. How did they get so many big

Everyone by now has heard the horror stories of NXIVM and their secret cult. But what crimes did the brand actually commit over the years?

When actress Allison Mack was indicted in the case against NXIVM in 2018, it was quite a shock for most people. Here's what we know about her crimes.