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What new secrets will we learn from Britney Spears' newest memoir? Take a look at all the naked details now!

Focus on creativity first, the single most important ingredient to any compelling story. Here's our guide on how you can progress writing your novel.

Priyanka Nambiar is a high school student who recently published the novel 'Escape the War'. Learn more about her here.

James Kestrel is the author of the new pulp novel 'Five Decembers'. Learn about Kestrel's influences and the novel here.

Esabella Strickland is a talented actor, filmmaker, and author. Learn more about the Renaissance Girl and her latest projects here.

Based on the novel of same name by Trisha R. Thomas, Haifaa Al-Mansour's 'Nappily Ever After' stars Sanaa Lathan as advertising executive Violet Jones.