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Dive into the chilling tale of the Black Dahlia flower; a riveting true crime investigation where Hollywood glamour meets grisly murder. Don't miss out, mystery awaits!

Unravel the tangled web surrounding Brian Laundrie's parents in this shocking family saga. Did they know about his deeds? Read on and decide for yourself.

But what does the exclusive teaser reveal about the unsettling depths of a killer's psyche? And what does it truly take to get a serial killer caught?

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Author Francesca Lia Block is back with another murder mystery thriller in 'House of Hearts'. Here's why you should get into her newest work!

From shady brokers to thrill-seeking criminals, take notes on how to sail the ocean in style when you watch these films with luxury yachts!

Dive into this murder mystery and investigate the connection between the movie 'Jaws' being released in 1975 and Michelle von Emster's death in 1994!

If like us you’re trying to figure out what fun movies are available on Netflix, allow us to make some of our favorite recommendations.

Netflix has a new show about ballet dancers and, of course, the first season ended in murder. Join us on this suspect round-up to find the killer!