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'The Muppets Mayhem': Mad Muppets hitting furry road? Explore the chaos and hilarity as the Muppets embark on a wild adventure.

Season 5 of 'The Masked Singer' has already had some incredible celebrity appearances, and we're here for it. Care to learn who's already been revealed?

Attention, fans of 'The Muppet Show'! All five seasons are coming to Disney Plus. Celebrate with these memes and learn more about the muppets.

Kermit the Frog is easily the most popular Muppet, which is why he's the best Muppet to use for meme material. Check out these Kermit memes.

Original ideas – who needs ‘em? Definitely not Hollywood as it continues to churn out streams of content from the remake mill. If it seems like there’s a