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Not every building is suitable for transformation. Discover what Maxwell Drever says you should consider when deciding to convert hotels into housing.

Maxwell Drever, an expert on real estate investing analyzes the issue of the affordable housing problem in a new light.

Maxwell Drever says that the government and other non-profit organizations must come up with a way to deliver affordable workforce housing. Here's how.

Legendary real estate investor Maxwell Drever recognizes the current housing crisis and comes up with solutions for getting more families in homes.

Workforce housing can make life better for employees and make profits better for businesses. Hear why Maxwell Drever thinks it's so important.

Maxwill Drever has an idea about using hotels as affordable housing for workers around the country. Get ahead of the curve by reading his take today.

From finding jobs to supporting local businesses, leading real estate investor Maxwell Drever breaks down the importance of affordable housing.

Maxwell Drever has some unique insights into the problem of creating affordable housing. Discover what he has to say on one of our biggest challenges.

How will Maxwell Drever and Galen help hotel owners and more build and create low income housing?