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Maxwell Drever says that the government and other non-profit organizations must come up with a way to deliver affordable workforce housing. Here's how.

The Ways to Provide Affordable Workforce Housing – Maxwell Drever Shows the Way

Having a house is a basic necessity for everyone. Yet sections of people in the United States are deprived of this necessity. Some people think that the housing crisis is a recent phenomenon. It is not true. The housing crisis in America has been existing for a long time now, and the pandemic has made the situation worse. It has caused homelessness and has also compelled people to shift to remote areas, where though they have a house, they live in a poor condition. 

If the workforce population doesn’t have a decent and secure house, they will not be able to contribute their best towards their work. Also, traveling a long distance to reach the office doesn’t help the overall productivity as well. The workforce population must stay at a place that is near to their workplace or factory. That way, they can reduce the commute time and also won’t get caught in traffic for a long time. Maxwell Drever says that the government and other non-profit organizations must come up with a correct way to deliver affordable workforce housing. Some of the valuable ways include the following:

Have access to more land for construction

Today, in the United States, there are clearly more people than accommodation units. That means it is necessary to develop workforce housing units. And to do that, you need to have the space to commence such a project. One of the best ways to do it is by freeing up land space and using the same to develop a low-cost housing project. Today, there are several vacant lands across the United States. The builders and the authorities need to identify this and free it up for construction. 

Getting the necessary grants and funds

Without funds, there can be no workforce housing project. It takes money to build such a housing unit that will provide all the amenities that the workforce population will need. For this, it is necessary for the real estate groups and other people to address the investors and encourage them to make an investment. You need to highlight the benefits of such a project to get the investors interested. That aside, it is also essential to request funds from the government to create a low-cost housing project for the workforce.

Transforming hotels into accommodation units

It is the latest trend! Today, most hotels that got affected by the pandemic aren’t able to revive their business back to the pre-pandemic level fast. According to reports, it will take about three years for the hotel industry to get totally restored. During this time, most hotel owners want to put their properties to fruitful use. If the property can get used to address the current housing crisis, it is a noble initiative. Also, the hotel gets back to use and starts to earn profit over the course of time. 

According to Maxwell Drever, these are some of the best ways to provide affordable workforce housing to the ones who need it the most. It will help the workforce population to live and work better.

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