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How will Maxwell Drever and Galen help hotel owners and more build and create low income housing?

Why Are Hotel Owners Counting on Maxwell Drever and Galen?

If you take some time to research and read, you will realize that the concept of transforming a hotel into a low-cost housing unit is nothing new. However, this idea has gained prominence in recent times for various reasons. The three main reasons for this are:

  • There is a shortage of low-cost housing nationwide, which is currently attaining a breaking point. 
  • More people have become homeless in various parts of the United States, which also includes California. 
  • The sudden pandemic hasn’t just aggravated the first two conditions, but it has also adversely impacted the hotel industry. 

Hence, from the reasons mentioned above, two things have become evident. First, the housing crisis has worsened, and the workforce population are in need of a secure and reasonably priced house. And the second, the hotel industry has suffered a lot which made many hotel owners declare some of their properties as closed, because they don’t see any hope of opening these hotels in the near future. In fact, several hotel owners are doing exactly that and are converting their properties into affordable workforce housing units. And this is precisely where Maxwell Drever says that it’s essential to connect the dots. 

The hotel owners are counting on expert guidance for this conversion

The current need of the hour is affordable workforce housing for a huge chunk of low- and medium-income families. And one of the apt ways to provide that is by transforming hotels into housing units. Even though this sounds to be an effective solution, executing the same requires appropriate planning and research. The hotel owners need to understand the need of the workforce population before converting their properties into housing units. It is here that visionaries like Galen and Drever can help. 

They have their years of expertise and in-depth understanding of the housing market, which the hotel owners can put to use. Also, it is equally essential to establish a dialogue with the workforce population before commencing such a project. It will help develop a transparent communication channel between the solution providers and the people in need. There are times when an affordable housing project might get shrouded in rumors that can go against the project. Hence, it’s necessary for the hotel owners, real estate agencies, investors, and others involved with the project to stay clued in to the social conditions surrounding the workforce population and make sure that they favor the project. 

Affordable housing projects lead to social and economic development

Housing is a crucial human need, and everyone has the right to secure living conditions. However, not everyone has access to that because of multiple reasons. And a nation or country that has an increasing number of homeless people usually doesn’t get considered a developed nation, despite other achievements. 

Hence, hotel owners must step forward and work towards a solution that can benefit them and society. Maxwell Drever helps the reputed hotel owners attain this level of understanding before agreeing to offer their hotels to get converted into affordable housing units. 

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