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'Harlots' is back for a third season on Hulu, and we’re getting ready Alfie Allen to our favorite 18th-century TV sex workers.

Here’s our ranking of the best horror movies about surviving the night athat you should definitely watch on Stay Up All Night Night.

When madam Margaret's daughter Charlotte goes to arch-rival bawd Lydia Quigley, their deep-set rivalry is taken to a dangerous new level in 'Harlots'.

We’ve lovingly put together this list of fake music videos while inadvertently throwing eleven more pop culture earworms back into your head.

This 17th-century thriller delves into the history behind the Gunpowder Plot, the team that carried it out, and the obstacles they came up against.

Any intruder movie fans will remember the chill that went down our spines the first time we saw the trailer for 'The Strangers'. Here's why we absolutely did

Summer 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting season for TV fans, with enough quality programming to keep you firmly indoors between the months of May and

Turn your attention to all the great indie cinema hitting the big screen this weekend. FD’s got you covered with our picks of the best movies to catch