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Gosling's excitement is palpable. Could his "Ken-ergy" spark a new movement in Hollywood?

Uncover the controversy: Is Ryan Gosling queerbaiting by portraying Ken in 'Barbie'? Explore the debate surrounding Gosling's role and LGBTQ+ representation.

Discover what Ryan Gosling's family really thinks about his role as Ken. Is he too old? Get the scoop on Gosling's take on playing the iconic character.

The newest trailer for the "Barbie" movie is out, and social media has not stopped talking! Look at what it all means now!

A photo has emerged on Twitter featuring Barbie’s potential girlfriend? Here are some of the best reactions and what you need to know.

Florida Man may be a living meme, but sometimes the meme stops being funny. In this case, it's when the headlines are about racist Florida men.

Sure, the Karen memes are funny when it's just retail workers being harassed. But these Karens and Kens are putting real lives at risk.