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Lloyd Avery II met a similar fate as his character in 'Boyz n the Hood'. Unearth the details of the actor's bizarre death which came too soon.

Celebrate Black History Month and beyond by watching acclaimed films by today's budding masters of Black cinema.

The Cordillera International Film Festival (CIFF) is in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada and works to celebrate the art of filmmaking and screenwriting.

While we wait for international cocaine trafficking 'ZeroZeroZero', here’s a ranking of the most addictive shows and movies about cocaine.

Cowabunga dude! Grab your roller skates and video tapes, coz we’re headed back to the 1990s. We’ve picked nine of the most 90s movies eva!

In our rundown of drug-related TV series better than Netflix's 'Disjointed, we go from ‘Trailer Park Boys’ to ‘Peep Show’.