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'Winchester' follows Sarah Winchester, in whose family home she holds a dark secret. The house has 100 of rooms too terrifying to reveal.

Starring Mackenzie Foy, Morgan Freeman, Jayden Fowora-Knight, Matthew Macfadyen, and Helen Mirren, Disney's 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' is directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston.

Emily Watson may have celebrated her 50th birthday last year, but that hasn’t slowed her down one bit. In recent months, the high-profile British actress has turned her

'Disobedience' follows a woman as she returns to the community that shunned her decades earlier for an attraction to a childhood friend. Once back, their passions reignite as

Margot Robbie is set to produce a new television series offering female-focused reimaginings of Shakespeare. The project offers a tantalizing prospect to any Shakespeare fan who loves to

Follow the raw and touching story of a singer ravaged by grief in 'A Fantastic Woman'; unearth the secrets of the Winchester Mystery House alongside Helen Mirren, and