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Dive into the oddest cults ever – from Manson's Family to the bizarre and beyond. Uncover the extraordinary in cult history.

Thirty-nine men and women, all dressed in identical clothing, were found dead due to suicide in 1997. Here's what to know about the Heaven's Gate cult.

What's the definition of a cult? All the types of cults and the sheer variety of these nefarious groups will shock you. Here are the most infamous.

Stories about cults tend to run a gamut of emotions, namely disturbing and sad. Let’s dive into the life and death of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

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HBO is taking on the Heaven's Gate cult story – will it be a movie? Here's everything to know about the documentary.

If you believe UFOs are real, then you should join one of these UFO-based religious groups. From Raelism to Universe People, they all believe in aliens.

Living a nomadic lifestyle, the cult Heaven's Gate was led by Marshall Applewhite. Here's what led to the tragic mass suicide.