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After The OA S2 and Us, there's a full slate of fresh TV comedies to shake us out of our existential slump before The Twilight Zone drops next

'Tis the season to bingewatch, and the streaming giants have a wealth of new content to keep you warm during your winter hibernation.

We loved the show during its original run and have recently rewatched it to boil down exactly what it is that makes 'Happy!' so damn loveable.

Who knew that ‘Happy!’, a buddy-comedy following the escapades of an ex-cop-turned-hitman and his immensely positive pal – a small, blue, winged horse – would prove to be

Make no mistake, we all love the holidays. But what none of us enjoys is when our fave shows stop airing and we’re forced to wait for their

The holiday season will never be the same. Based on the graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, 'Happy!' premieres December 6 on Syfy.