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For the first time since World War II, the conservative party in Germany has lost the majority. Discover how this past election will impact the government.

Is Germany’s government really about to change the world? Get the latest scope on their upcoming election season which may bring massive consequences.

From its world-famous beer to its history and culture, Munich is a city you want to put on your bucket list! Plan your trip to Bavaria today!

Why are England and France suddenly becoming forerunners in the UEFA? Check out different leagues' standings in 2021 and see who could come out ahead.

Harold David Haulman III was just charged for the murder of Tianna Phillips, but that's not the only murder he's confessed to. Delve into this true crime.

Colon cancer requires immediate treatment. Here are some of the best places to receive treatment in Germany.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of England assures trade partners the new COVID strain will not affect food shipments. Here's what we know.

Multi-billion dollar online retailer Amazon is giving $500 million in holiday bonuses to workers this year. Will it be enough to stop a strike?