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Top Aspects Online Casinos Need in Place of Germany’s New Gambling Law

Since implementing the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (GlüSTV) on July 1, 2021, internet gambling has been authorized in all German states. The new Act establishes the standards for virtual games of chance such as betting, casino games, and slot machines, among other things.

Its primary objectives are to protect minors from gambling-related harm, protect players from fraud, and prevent gambling addiction.

Before gambling operators can provide online casino experiences to the German market, they must first design a plan for app development. Listed below are a few essential characteristics of successful online casinos, as well as suggestions for ensuring that they are executed in accordance with the new regulations:

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1. A user interface that is simple to use.

Users who must go through many menus before reaching their destination indicate that the app’s interface (UI) is not straightforward enough. According to the poll results, 24 per cent of respondents remove applications that are difficult to navigate.

In order to prevent losing clients, app developers should ensure that their user interfaces are clear and simple to browse. First and foremost, this is making current account balances, available games, and essential duties such as topping up or claiming credit readily available.

Customers must be able to discover and obtain critical financial information, which is also a necessity under the GlüSTV regulations. Following the new laws, users must be able to see their account balance, an overview of all charges, and their gaming history at any time from a single login screen.

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The same is true for the game’s rules, which must be readily accessible while still being straightforward to comprehend. As a best practice, it is crucial to describe the game regulations as rationally as possible since consumers who do not grasp the game rules are less inclined to risk their money by trying to play the game and losing it.

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2. A variety of payment alternatives as well as immediate payouts

Online casino applications should accept a variety of payment options. Customers in Germany should be able to pay and receive money using various methods, including PayPal, credit card, and online bank transfers, as a bare minimum.

Customers should be paid their winnings as soon as possible after winning a game to minimize feelings of irritation or fear that they have been deceived. Even more significant, clients must be able to pay and receive money to do business with you. Even though it may seem apparent, the most inconspicuous functional mistakes often result in the greatest number of difficulties and revenue losses.

It is critical for developers to test payments across various devices and to operate systems to prevent losing potential clients due to poor amounts and payout procedures.

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3. Security that is all-encompassing

Customers demand reassurance that their deposits and wins will be secure (compared to free-to-play games) when they use casino apps that provide and receive real money (as opposed to free-to-play games).

They also want to know that precautions have been taken to keep their personal information safe and secure, particularly their payment information. Customers must be protected from unintentional financial loss by incorporating security features into the games they are playing.

Game or individual rounds may not commence until the user has actively verified their participation, as stipulated by the GlüSTV, to preserve participants’ privacy. If this is implemented in reality, it may result in pop-up alerts that question users if they are certain they want to begin playing a game.

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4. Loyalty programs are another option.

In the gaming sector, customer retention is a major issue to overcome. An investigation found that 96% of gamers switch betting providers every year, with more than one-fifth of consumers moving as often as every three to five months.

Bonus offerings, such as free spins on a virtual slot machine, both encourage players to continue with a particular app and improve the overall gaming experience for those who do. According to gaming companies, users who have been banned to protect them from addiction should not be targeted by bonus promotions. The GlüSTV stipulates that this is a prerequisite.

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5. 3D experiences

In the same way that visitors to real casinos demand an inviting, contemporary environment and clean gaming equipment, online casino gamers anticipate neat, beautiful décor.

Developers should place a strong emphasis on 3D design components to create an experience that is as authentic as possible to a genuine casino. Given that they often entail animations, performance testing is essential, particularly on older device generations.

The use of 3D and virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) experiences to simulate the dealer’s figure in games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat has become commonplace outside of Germany. On the other hand, games involving a dealer are prohibited under the conditions of the GlüSTV.

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6. Unsurpassed levels of client service

The software of reputable online casinos should be free of problems. Customer care representatives must be available to clients in the case of a problem, particularly if they think they have suffered a financial loss due to a flaw in the system.

In addition to a frequently asked questions website, online casinos should provide 24/7 customer assistance by phone, email, and online forms. Customer care chatbots will be available at the finest online casinos as well.

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7. The availability of multilingual services

The finest online casino applications include games in a variety of languages. While English and German are the most often used languages, having extra languages accessible can only broaden the appeal of an app.

However, casino operators such as should be on the lookout for bad translations, especially grammatical errors and unidiomatic language, which may indicate a lack of expertise.

Only by extensive testing with native speakers can casino operators ensure that the localization process is complete and successful.

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As additional operators join the market due to the statewide legalization of online gambling in Germany, the gaming sector will see an increase in revenue.

Gambling operators should take note of the recommendations provided above to provide the greatest possible customer experience while still complying with regulatory obligations.

Once an app has been developed with all necessary features, it must be tested with actual users to realize its full potential.

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