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Pearl Mackie is set to play the newest Doctor Who companion, “Bill Potts,” but she won’t be a love interest for the Doctor – her character is openly

Hollywood has a problem. Despite making baby steps towards inclusivity – see Moonlight winning an Oscar earlier this year – they still don’t seem to be able to

Hollywood studios are flirting with an earlier release date for movies-on-demand – weeks after theatrical release – but are suggesting a meaty $30 price tag, reports Variety.   Jennifer Lopez

The Love Witch (Oscilloscope), directed by Anna Biller The campy, loving homage to the heyday of glorious technicolor relays a vital feminist message. The Love Witch opens with a beautiful woman driving

Hugh Hefner has sported a very complicated personal life for over six decades, and many printed words attest to it. From Gloria Steinem's undercover report for Show in

Today we consider the Hollywood awards season. Every year, celebs gather to stage  star-studded shows where the industry pats itself on the back for its achievements, as all