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'Tiger King' has shocked Netflix viewers since its release, but the main question everyone's walking away with isn't about Joe Exotic, but Carole Baskin.

After thirty-five years, many wonder if Ara Johnson will ever be found. Unravel this missing kid case and see if Ara Johnson could possibly still be alive.

After Gabby Petito's case went viral, it's clear TikTok can spark support for missing people. However, missing people of color continue to remain ignored.

Vanishing in thin air, these missing people have yet to be found even decades later. Read how these real-life missing people disappeared without a trace.

Prime suspect in the Kristin Smart case, Paul Flores has allegedly attacked more women. Learn more about these shocking claims.

Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared from a cruise with her family in 1998 – she remains missing. Here's what we know about Bradley's disappearance.

When Kristin Smart disappeared in 1996, it quickly became clear there was no way to find her. But 2020 technology is making police reinvestigate.