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Director Aziz Aljasmi is one of them and he has made a huge name for himself, especially in the art and film scene in Kuwait. Here's what you

Dawn Garcia is a writer, activist, journalist, public speaker, and soon-to-be director. We spoke with Garcia about her motivation for writing.

Director Ken Holmes made a big splash with his short film 'Old Hearts Cafe'. Now, as he continues to kill it during festivals, we interviewed the director.

Director Helen Alexis Yonov's latest short 'The Gesture and the Word' teaches all of us how to find happiness in helping other people.

Director Russell Southam is finally taking control after producing for years. His first project, 'Black Heart, Red Hands' proves he has what it takes.

'The Machine' is a short film directed by award-winning director and filmmaker Adolfo Mena Cejas. Here's why you need to see it.

Pier Paolo Pasolini made beautiful films like 'Arabian Nights' and 'The Canterbury Tales', but his messages of anti-fascism made him a target.

In his directorial debut 'The Happy', Parekh tells the story of Par, a heartbroken man new to LA with some spiritual issues as well. Here's what we know.

Does your screenwriting include stage direction dictating every possible close-up, aerial shot, mid-shot, deep focus, and handheld shot?