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After friends’ holiday photos and chowing down on plain rice cakes, 'The Walking Dead' is by far one of the most tedious phenomena of the modern world.

Hollywood has been saturated in dystopian fiction – 'Black Mirror', 'Westworld', 'The Handmaid’s Tale', and many more skeptical imaginings of the future have taken over our screens and

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding all the time and to celebrate the theatrical release of the latest Avengers movie – which is something like the 560th Marvel

Here at Film Daily, we’re big believers that Ms. Jones is easily one of the finest female superheroes of all time. But here’s a ranking of ten more

The 'Black Panther' effect: Let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous deleted scenes in movie history – some good, some bad, some that would’ve completely

We're feeling the superhero movie fatigue too, but 'Black Panther' is the exception. Not only is it a fresh and genre-bending flick, but 'Black Panther' is also just

As the Marvel universe expanded, and women showed off their powers within it, the conversation has veered towards an all-female Marvel movie. Though one is still yet to