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It’s time to get creative and fun. We’ve gathered some funny pumpkin carving ideas perfect for this Halloween season! See these captivating images!

Do you enjoy going to the craft market? The Wisconsin Craft Shows would love you to join in on the fun! Here's everything you need to know.

Censorship is a controversial and debatable issue in the film industry, with no solutionin sight. Different countries have different laws for films too.

The set of a film is one of the most important aspects when you are making a movie. Here's how film sets are constructed.

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So, with all the artistic basses covered, why are you even wondering whether you might need a producer on your short film project? Here’s why.

After you wrap, you might think all your hard work is over. Get ready for the hardest part of all: marketing your indie film with a great EPK.

A logline isn’t a tagline, and it isn’t a synopsis – it could be the most important trick of the screenwriting trade you ever learn.

In Part 1, we explored the nuts and bolts of how to formulate your plan to find readers for your script. Now let’s make some pals and build