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Paracord is nothing but parachute cord also called 550 or type III cord. Here's everything you need to know.

What You Need to Know before Purchasing Paracord for Various Uses

Paracord is nothing but parachute cord also called 550 or type III cord, the most adaptable rope manufactured for military use, especially in parachute suspension lines. Then, the versatility of the rope as well as its strength made it quite popular among other military units. With time, civilians started to use paracords for surviving when in the wilderness, camping, or protecting tents against high winds. That’s because of the rope’s suitability for multiple tasks. 

It’s also used in backpacking as well, but according to an article published in Huffington post, you need to ensure that your backpack fits securely and its weight is properly balanced by fortifying every strap. However, all backpacks don’t include straps where you need them and so, using a paracord is simple to tie and protect things in your pack. 

Paracord size

There are numerous options when it comes to paracord size and you’ll find the best one that suits your requirement. Choose from thicker ropes for your heavy-duty tasks and outdoor adventure or simple paracords for DIY tasks and crafts. Determine the rope strength you require and the paracord’s durability for tenting or camping. You need to make your pick based on these factors. 

You’ll find paracords in various sizes and diameters based on the kind of cording from 95-850 to cords meant for parachute use. 

  • Elastic paracords in sizes one-sixth and 1/32 inch
  • Macro as well as nano cords between 0.75 to 1.18 mm
  • Hemp cords in sizes 1-3 mm
  • Cotton cords in sizes one-fourth, half, three-fourth, and one inch

Material consideration and rope structure

The cord material should match your project, task, or craft requirements depending on the paracord’s potential and structure. Some ropes are tougher compared to others like the 550 paracords and a few cords are used for decoration and interior use such as cotton ropes. So, if you’re looking for cords for specific tasks or projects, look for the best place to buy bulk paracord – Paracord Wholesale.

The different material types are paracords made of kernmantle rope and sheath of nylon, elastic cords designed of nylon braided sleeve together with an inner, elastic core, micro and nano varieties made of nylon, cotton cords made of pure cotton, and help varieties made of natural fibers alone. 

Multiple uses and versatility

If you are looking for paracords for a small project or several bigger projects, choosing the right item is a bit challenging. Then, if you look up the right online store, you can find various options, be it paracords for using the inward strands for fishing lines, jewelry making, or camping to secure tents from strong winds. 

Elastic and shock cords are best suited for protecting items and tying tarps, bags, and other items. You can use cotton rope cords for knitting, macramé, knotting, and other decoration projects. Hemp cords are used for making bracelets, necklaces, and anklets to add a more natural or bucolic appeal to jewelry. 


Now that you know about the various uses of paracords, look up online stores to get authentic products for securing backpacks, craftwork, or protecting camping tents. 

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