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You've probably studied videography from a professional institute or ventured out as a videographer. How can you make your video production better?

Tips to Make Your Video Production Look More Professional

You’ve probably studied videography from a professional institute or ventured out as a self-taught videographer. Surely, you’ve put in years of labour mastering the key skills in video production.

Still, are you struggling to deliver professional results?

Well, professionalism can’t be taught! It comes naturally with experience.

You can, however, make an effort to be better at what you do by consciously following the pro tips. 

So why waste precious time?

Get started with these tips and make remarkable improvements to your portfolio and deliverables.

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Get to the Depths of the Story

When you’re making a video, you can’t do justice to the story unless you’ve mastered the subject matter.

If you’re filming a personal story, you probably know the details in and out. But if you’re producing a film for a client, it’s very important to interview them thoroughly and get every fact right. 

For example, when shooting a commercial for a consumer product, you need to understand quite a few things like – the target audience, the story behind its launch, on which platforms the film will be broadcasted, and the goal of the commercial.

Use Creative Effects Wisely 

Stuffing a video with too many special effects is a rookie mistake that many new producers make.

Although this kind of production showcases your extraordinary talent with creative effects, the final video usually turns out too complicated for viewers.

Keep the visual effects tasteful and make sure they blend in with the flow of the storyline. 

A short crisp film is likely to be more memorable and effective in communicating the central message.

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Light & Sound Matter

Experimenting is good. But amateur videographers should save their trials and errors for personal projects only.

Without adequate lighting and high-quality sound recording, your production will turn out poor, or mediocre at the most.

When it comes to commercial projects, if you don’t have a qualified team to manage the lights and sound, consider outsourcing the video production project altogether. 

So if you’re producing a commercial or a corporate video, say for your local startup based in Birmingham, it is advisable to hire a top-rated video production Birmingham team. You can discuss everything one-on-one with them, and let the experts produce the film for you.

Attention to Detail

Filming a high-quality video requires very meticulous planning and execution.

You should take care to present every little detail to perfection.

Create the background set with all the elements that truly represent the situation. Remove all unnecessary distractions that might accidentally get captured and spoil the shoot.

Design costumes for the actors that make them look authentic. Prepare all the props and accessories mindfully. 

The preparations before you start shooting are as important as the final shooting process. 

Don’t hesitate to go for a retake when anything seems amiss.

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Use Professional Quality Equipment

A bad workman always blames his tools.” And so does a cameraman!

Don’t leave room for excuses.

If your camera or other shooting equipment is inadequate, then it’s pretty obvious that your video film would not be terrific.

For professional quality videography, invest in the best quality cameras and equipment.

For a professional all around experience, don’t hesitate to also just invest in a digital production company.

Strong Direction and Casting

Direction plays a crucial role in determining how well the film is made. Good actors are also equally important.  

Without these two, there would be no life in your narrative.  

If you aren’t trained in film direction, think of getting an experienced director on board. 

Always conduct auditions and hire talented actors for commercial films. 

When shooting private films like a wedding video, guide the couple, their friends and family and encourage them to give their best shot.

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Edit, Edit, Repeat

When filming professional videos, never put away the editor’s hat!

From the planning stage to direction, to shooting, and finally editing – critically assess everything.

Be prompt to recognize the shortcomings and make improvements. Never settle for anything less than perfect.

This attitude will help you excel and accomplish the very best!

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