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Is there a fair amount of money to restore the trauma of being in a sex cult? How much is Keith Raniere paying to the NXIVM victims for

It's no longer a secret that the NXIVM "coaching organization" was actually a twisted sex cult, but are the founders finally being sent to prison?

How the hell did Keith Raniere end up with charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy, and basically live his life as a cult leader? Here's what we know.

HBO has brought us inside the craziness that is NXIVM with the new documentary 'The Vow'. Here's the craziest takeaways from the doc.

With most of the major players involved in the NXIVM brand either in jail or awaiting sentencing, is the brand still alive? If so, who's running NXIVM?

As more horror stories come out about the NXIVM cult, the list of celebrities with tie to the company gets longer. How did they get so many big

How did a simple organization focused on self-improvement turn into something so dark? Here's what we know about the NXIVM cult.