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A police detective reconnects with people from an undercover assignment in her distant past in order to make peace in 'Destroyer'.

A woman in Harlem desperately scrambles to prove her fiancé innocent of a crime while carrying their first child in 'If Beale Street Could Talk'.

'If Beale Street Could Talk' is a moving, timeless love story of both a couple’s unbreakable bond and the African-American family’s empowering embrace.

'Vice' explores how bureaucratic Washington insider Dick Cheney became the most powerful man in the world as Vice-President to George W. Bush.

In 1850s Oregon, a gold prospector is chased by the infamous duo of assassins, the Sisters Brothers.

Based on Patrick Dewitt's novel of the same name, 'The Sisters Brothers' follows two brothers hired to kill a prospector who has stolen from their boss.

'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women' is the incredible true story of the creation of the iconic Wonder Woman character in the 1940s.

As disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein awaits a rape trial that could land him behind bars for 25 years following accusations from more than 100 women, creators are

Follow a woman’s transformation from ballerina to secret spy in 'Red Sparrow'; steer clear of a man set out for bloody revenge in 'Death Wish'; and watch the