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Have you ever wondered what happens when a global superstar clashes with the titan of tech? Here's Kanye West's new brush with controversey.

When considering storied athletic companies, Adidas truly tops the list as a worldwide force. In addition, who hasn't heard of Adidas? They have long stood for outstanding craftsmanship,

For everyone who considers themselves a sneakerhead, the return of the Yeezy sneakers is undeniably an event to keep an eye on. Look at the designs now!

Beyoncé is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from Houston, Texas. How much is Beyonce's ass worth? Let's find out.

Despite whatever has been said about him, Kanye appears to be moving on with a new plan to rid himself of the increasingly devaluing merchandise.

Was Kanye West abusive towards employees on Adidas' watch? Former Yeezy team members share the shocking truth of working for this so-called genius!

After his explosive comments about Jewish people, Kanye West might finally be too controversial for Adidas. Or is there more to the story?

If you're looking for a replica Dior sneaker, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here's everything you need to know.

Name brands are everything when it comes to fashion and athletic wear. Here are the names you need to know next time you're clothes shopping.