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If you're thinking about what to watch late at night, don't worry. Here are some movies you need to watch this evening.

What movie to watch or what to watch in the evening

If you’re thinking about what to watch late at night, don’t worry. We have prepared a selection of the most popular and appreciated films. Here you will see different genres that are sure to catch your fancy, and you’ll watch them more than once. And so you don’t have to keep looking for your favorite movie on different platforms, you can download it via the torrent service the pirate bay proxy. There are other movies for all tastes and colors, and also in good quality. The platform will help you find exactly what you were looking for, and after downloading, you can enjoy your movie anywhere and anytime. 

Cloud Atlas

If you enjoy extraordinary, entertaining movies and you don’t know which one to watch, begin here.

The six life stories of humans in 5 different incarnations and time spaces are tightly interwoven together. Each action we take or decide, though apparently so unimportant and unremarkable, leads to a whole series of consequences of certain related things.

Did you think that all the events of your life are connected? That every tiny detail, done at one time or another, can radically alter the course of our life and destiny? The Wachowski Brothers’ superb movie will force everyone to view life events from a whole new, entirely new perspective.

Mind Games

From director Farad Saffinia, Oscar-winning Mel Gibson, and Sean Penn bring surprising moments of excitement to the screen in this brilliant film from the debutant Farad Saffinia.

Mid-19th century England. An Oxford prof James Murray, works on history’s first-ever Dictionary of the Old English Language, and his principal associate is Dr. William Minor, an incarcerated prisoner in a mental hospital for highly dangerous offenders.

Genius Mynor or insane, a crafty outlaw who plays a bold game to escape from jail, or an obsessed scholar? Who then is Murray: a faithful mate, a manipulation victim, or a conspiracy organizer?

The Social Network

Best films can’t get past something as hot as a social media presence and, of course, the world’s largest social media network. The true history of how the creation of the best-known and most lucrative Facebook network, as the film narrates to the audience, is neither so joyous nor so romantically interesting.

Sadly, scheming, betrayal of one’s friends as well as the wish for gain are major ingredients in virtually any grand modern-day development or the production of any exclusivity. All these “costs of manufacturing” should be confronted by the film’s main character, the talented American computer genius Mark Zuckerberg.

Down Game

The 2008 economic crisis caught the market of the world economy led by the big oil tycoons with big investments themselves. With billions of dollars at stake, conscience, as well as good sense, are lost, once you smell dough, you can’t stop.

An unbelievable yet grounded real-life story telling the tale of the group of men who foretold one of the greatest economic crises in economic times.


Which science fiction movie to see? This Christopher Nolan Masterpiece tops all feature film top lists and has collected accolades from prestigious film festival festivals. A science-fiction dramedy that is based on real-life, stunning studies by prominent Physicist and Astronomy Professor Kip Thorne on the space-time black hole theories of space.

A dry spell on the Earth causes a nutritional breakdown, portending famine and the death of the entire race of mankind. Scientists from all over the world decide to dispatch a team of researchers across the space-time wormhole to find a new habitable planet.

Cooper, an outstanding pilot and engineer, consents to participate in a journey across space and time to preserve the life of his children and the next generation of humanity.

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