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Amazon Prime has been growing its list of content at a rapid pace. But what are their top movies? Can they lead streaming wars with these choices?

Does Amazon Prime even have any top movies?

In the age of streaming, one would be forgiven if the only names they can come up with are the likes of Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+, four cornerstone streaming services that have seemingly cast a shadow over its competition these past couple of years. However, with the recent addition of Discovery+, which owns a variety of popular food & living channels, the streaming wars have seemingly only begun.

That being said, it puzzles us why nobody brings up Amazon Prime when it comes to the discussion of which streaming service has the top movies available, as Amazon Prime has quietly collected an impressive library over the last couple of years, giving us reason to believe that, while it might not be the leader of the pack, it is certainly running with the rest of the streaming wolves at a steady pace.

So, do we have some Amazon Prime picks as it pertains to the top movies available on a streaming service? Of course! Amazon Prime has a catalog that could keep us going for months, regardless if it’s because of a heatwave or a snowstorm. Now, given a more recent big-time purchase by Amazon Prime, all we ask is that you consider this overlooked streaming service as a contender for top movies available. 

Our Amazon picks

At the top of our list regarding Amazon Prime’s top movies is Borat: Subsequent Movie Film, a movie that brought back Sacha Baron Cohen’s beloved mockumentary character Borat, the first time we’ve seen a feature film of this character since 2006. Borat 2, which delved into the slimy world of today’s politics as well as the global pandemic, was just what we needed for a good laugh given the year we had in 2020.

Another top pick of ours for Amazon Prime’s top movies is the 1975 Steven Spielberg classic Jaws, a perfect summer flick that makes you think twice about stepping into the ocean. Of course, Jaws told the story of a killer shark who’s on a hunt for blood in a touristy beach town and chronicles the story of the three men who set out to kill the monster once and for all. As far as classics go, this tops our list. 

In fact, much to our surprise, Amazon Prime is filled with a catalog of top movies that we adore, including The Big Sick, The Farewell, Knives Out, Catch Me If You Can, Aliens, Mud, as well as hundreds of other films. However, it’s obvious that Amazon Prime’s biggest get is the James Bond franchise, paying a handsome fee for the beloved British spy series as well as the future rights to No Time to Die earlier this year. 


Amazon goes Bond

It is no secret that after the recent debuts of both Discovery+ as well as Paramount+ that the streaming wars are as hot as ever, forcing these major streaming services to purchase any and all properties they can get their greedy little hands on, and while Amazon Prime has had some recent success, especially with the release of the long-anticipated Borat 2, they’re still not yet on the same level as Netflix and Disney+. 

So, with so few big-name properties left up for grabs, Amazon pulled a move that may seem desperate for some in paying a whopping $8.45 billion for MGM and a slew of its properties in 2021, including the suit-wearing, Walther-PPK-wielding, Aston-Martin-driving James Bond, a character which has been played by English actor Daniel Craig for the last fifteen years.

The move marks the largest single purchase by Amazon to date, beating its 2017 record when it purchased the popular food chain Whole Foods. The Amazon deal could emerge as a pivotal moment in the convergence of Big Tech and the entertainment industry. Instead of acquiring old-line studios, internet companies have grown under their own steam in Hollywood — until now. 

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